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Here is some info about me:
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The Churches which formed me:
I carry with me a lifetime of observations and experiences from many Presbyterian churches ranging in membership from less than 100 to over 1,000.

Below are links to my various churches through the years. I am very grateful to the saints at these places that lived up to congregational baptismal vows and participated in my faith journey in such fine fashion.

It is disappointing to see that some of these congregations are drastically smaller than when I was there; like many others
I hope to be able to be part of the revitalization of Christ's Church as expressed in our PCUSA denomination.

The church my mom grew up in and my grandparents with her aunt & uncle helped start (it began 6 months before Pearl Harbor & met in an apartment). On the Pastor's page read "A Sunday in'43" which my Uncle Bob Miserentino wrote.
Osceola Presbyterian Church, Clark, NJ

Where we were the first few weeks of my life (1961):
Ravenswood Presbyterian Church, Chicago, IL

Where I was baptized when the church was new & meeting in a school (1961):
Church of the Cross Presbyterian Church, Hoffman Estates, IL

Where my first memory of church was -my dad playing King Herod in the pageant (1962 -1966):
Calvary Presbyterian Church, Ann Arbor, MI

Where my first memory of VBS was with my mom planning and leading it (1966-1968):
Sugar Creek Presbyterian Church, Dayton, OH

Where I was confirmed (1968-1976):
Southminster Presbyterian Church, Glen Ellyn, IL

Where I was ordained as an Elder (1976-1984)
Calvary Presbyterian Church, Pompano Beach, FL

When I lived in and around Gainesville, Florida (1985-1990):
Kanapaha Presbyterian Church, Gainesville, FL
First Presbyterian Church, Alachua, FL

Our "home" church in Winter Park, Florida (1990-2009), the family that nurtured and suppported us on our seminary journey:
Winter Park Presbyterian Church, Winter Park, Fl

Where I did my pastor internship (2007) and served in a quasi-interim capacity (summer 2009):
Christ Presbyterian Church, Ormond Beach, FL

Where I did my chaplain internship (2008):
Florida Hospital, Orlando, FL

When I was studying at seminary (2006-2009):
Columbia Presbyterian Church, Decatur, GA
Columbia Theological Seminary, Decatur, GA

Where I served as Designated Pastor for 4 years (2009-2013):
Murray Hill Presbyterian Church, Jacksonville, FL

Where I recently served as Interim Pastor for a year (2013-2014)
Grace Presbyterian Church, Gainesville, FL

Our chuch home where I have been blessed to be called as pastor (2014 - ....)
Southlake Presbyterian Church, Clermont, FL
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